There is so much information floating around these days about tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters.  It is difficult to know if a newer type water heater is worth the additional expense.  It’s not like you want to take your friends into the attic to show off your new water heater purchase. 

Here’s how to choose the best type of water heater for your home.

  •  Hybrid Water Heater.  Hybrid water heaters have a tank like a traditional water heater, but also provide continuous hot water like a tankless water heater.  Hybrid water heaters are the best option for homes with more than three bathrooms and homes that have a recirculating pump for the hot water.  A hybrid water heater has a 20-year tank warranty. 
  • Tankless Water Heater.  Tankless water heaters provide continuous hot water.   This means that if you have a home with up to three bathrooms, multiple people can shower at the same time and not run out of hot water.  If you have a large bathtub that empties your current tank-type heater before it’s full, you can now fill it to the rim for a nice hot soak.  Many times, multiple tank-type heaters can be replaced with a single tankless.  It just depends on where the units are located in your home and how the water piping runs throughout the house.  Tankless water heaters also have the potential to increase the resale value of your home.  A tankless water heater has a 10-year unit warranty. 
  • Traditional tank-type heater.  Tank-type water heaters still get the job done.  The important thing is to have hot water, right?  Homes with fewer than three bathrooms and without a demand for large volumes of water can take advantage of the lower cost of tank-type heaters.  The tank-type water heater we typically install has an eight-year warranty on the tank, but can be upgraded to a 10-year warranty. 

Here are other things to consider when replacing and upgrading a water heater.

If a water heater is in the attic over your living room, be proactive about replacing it.  If you have great furniture that you want to keep or hardwood floors that you want to last forever, then make sure that you replace a tank-type water heater sooner rather than later.  It is time to think about replacement once the unit is about 10 years old.  Now if that water heater is in the corner of the garage and won’t damage anything except that cardboard box labeled, “Junk 1980,” then let it go until it leaks.  THEN we can replace it for you. 

Consider the cost difference between types of water heaters.  Hybrid heaters and tankless heater cost more than traditional water heaters.  Additionally, we sometimes need to increase the size of the gas line coming into the home in order to accommodate these newer water heaters.  Installation time increases as well.  In order to provide an estimate for hybrid and tankless water installation, a technician must come to your home to give you an individualized estimate for your home.