Let’s be honest.  It is time to ditch the plastic water bottles.  We can help you make the switch by setting you up with a reverse osmosis unit at the kitchen sink for drinking water or a whole house water conditioning system to remove contaminants for all the water your family uses.  Start enjoying great tasting drinking water and healthy chlorine-free showers.

You will love the options we have available for water treatment.  Our whole house water conditioning system doesn’t need filter changes and it comes with a full 10-year warranty.   The Vertex reverse osmosis unit we install carries a Gold Seal of approval from the Water Quality Association. 

Clean It Up

Nature tries to give us clean water.  Through the water cycle, rainwater is filtered into our oceans, lakes and rivers.  The water picks up added minerals that harden the water. Unfortunately, water also picks up a lot of things that pollute it, too. 

The cities are cleaning the water for the masses. Our cities do what they can to improve our water quality through large-scale water treatment processes. However, treating water for the masses leaves behind contaminants and adds cleaning bi-products created through chemical reactions during water treatment.

We need more filtering at our homes to provide clean water for our families.  Because the cities just can’t do it all, we need secondary water filtration in our homes. Whole house water conditioners and reverse osmosis units give us options to live healthier lives…leaving those plastic water bottles behind for good. 


Naturally Clean

Water conditioning through ion exchange & carbon filters.  Our whole house water conditioning system filters and softens your water through ion exchange and natural carbon filtration, removing contaminants. 

There are no water filters to change.  The water conditioner uses a brine tank to clean itself at pre-set times, which regenerates the filter medias and drains away collected contaminants. This means there are no filters to change.  All the unit needs is a bit of potassium (which we use) or salt in the brine tank for cleaning the filter media. 

How It’s Made

Three filter layers insure you get the healthiest water.  Our water conditioner has three layers, separated by a patented Vortech plate that spins during regeneration or cleaning. The Vortech plate reduces the amount of waste water by 30% over traditional water softeners and extends the life of the unit by keeping the media clean.

1.    The first layer provides filtration to 5 micron and removes chlorine or chlorimine, heavy metals, and bacteria. It also controls scale.

2.    The carbon-based second layer removes over 90 chemicals and pesticides while improving the taste and smell of the water. Since chlorine products are removed in the first stage of filtration, the carbon doesn’t deteriorate.

3.    The third layer provides water softening through ion exchange, removing water-hardening minerals like calcium and magnesium.


Consider another level of clean for your family’s drinking water

If you aren’t quite ready for whole house filtration, consider reverse osmosis at the kitchen sink to purify the water your family uses for drinking and cooking. If you have whole house filtration, an RO unit provides a new level of clean for the portion of water your family drinks.

We can also upgrade your RO with a UV filter for removing the last traces of pharmaceutical contaminants left by other filtration as a final stage of purification and add a premium faucet to match your decor.