Sometimes what you thought was a simple drain line clog turns into something bigger like a broken sewer line.  You may find out about the break in a few different ways.  You have repeated drain line stoppages…a technician cleared the line and pulled back tree roots…there’s a spot in the line where the plumber’s drain equipment hangs up…or there’s a lingering sewer odor.   

Usually the technician can camera the line and show you the location of the break.  The only time this isn’t effective is when the line is really separated and is filled with mud.  Then there isn’t much to see on the video. 

Helpful things to know about drain line replacement and repair.

The tree roots didn’t break your drain line.  When a technician finds tree roots in your drain line, it would seem that the growing tree roots broke the line.  However, what really happens is that the tree roots find the break and begin using it as a water source.  Sometimes the initial break in the line is small, but a little root finds the break and works its way into the line.  It then continues to grow and makes a ball of roots that gets bigger over time inside the drain line. 

Drain lines are replaced or repaired in different ways depending on the location.  If the break is in the yard line, we dig down to the line and replace either the bad section or the entire line.  It just depends on what the problem is and the age of the existing line.  Sometimes it’s best to replace an entire line if it is old.  If the break is under the foundation near the exterior, we tunnel underneath the foundation and make the repair.  Breaks near the interior of the home may be accessed through the foundation.  Our technicians understand how disruptive this option can be and make every effort to work quickly, keep your home free of debris, and clean up afterwards.