So you smelled gas…called the utility company to let them know…and they came out and turned off your gas.  We can definitely help you get the necessary repairs made. 

Our plumbers are licensed to work on all types of gas piping, including CGP, corrugated stainless steel tubing and poly fusion. 

Here’s what to do to get you back in service.  

If the gas company has turned your gas off, it usually requires a city permit to have it turned back on.  We will schedule an appointment to come out to your home and locate the gas leak.  It may be near the gas riser, in the service line to the house, in the attic, at a fireplace or near a gas appliance.  After locating the gas leak or leaks, our plumber will provide you with a description of the repair and the price.  We can then obtain a city permit for the work. 

Since a city inspection is required, we must test both the yard service and the house.  Even if the gas leak was obviously outside, most cities in the area still require that the house be tested, too.  This means that we must pressure test the line and our gauge must still be holding when the inspector arrives.  This is because falling pressure usually means there is still a leak somewhere. 

City inspections usually occur the following day after a repair is made.  Once the repair is complete, our technician will air up the line and call the city for inspection.  That inspection will usually occur the following day.  Once the city inspects and approves the repair, the city will notify the gas company to restore service.  Our technician will make a second trip to your home to remove the gas gauge from your line.